Innovate Cyber Challenge


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Heliene Macaraeg Testimonial (Spring 2024 Innovate Cyber Cohort)

INNOVATE Cyber has been an amazing opportunity to team up with bright minds from various schools and majors. Despite our unique skill set, we came together with a shared purpose: to tackle a critical cybersecurity challenge handpicked by our team.

After conducting surveys and research, my team recognized a crucial gap in tech literacy among seniors and felt compelled to make a difference.

Throughout the internship, we immersed ourselves in the principles of design thinking, using empathy to shape our prototype. I have learned so much, and watching our collective efforts turn into a solution has filled me with so much pride.

The INNOVATE internship isn’t solely about learning; it’s about embracing creativity, resilience, and teamwork. The freedom to explore without constraints was truly empowering and it opened my eyes to the potential within me. There is so much room in the world to make a difference if you just look.

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COVA CCI is supported by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative and funded through the Commonwealth of Virginia.