A Virtual Instructional Lab

The instructional lab is intended for self-service provisioning of simple to complex lab configurations. It features:

  • Instructor Driven Blueprints
  • Built on the Nutanix virtualization platform
  • For Single and multi-host labs
  • Persistent Semester-based labs
  • Class and Student-based segregation within the lab
  • ODU and Member Guest Access
  • And CRN-based student access
  • A Virtual Research Lab
  • A Virtual Research Lab

The Research Lab is designed on an OpenStack platform:

  • On a High Performance Computing cluster
  • With access to GPU Computational Nodes
  • CEPH Storage for Block, Object or File Storage
  • It features a User-Friendly Horizon Web interface
  • It is a protected environment (Confidential, Non-regulated), with access provided to ODU, Member Guest Researchers, and Research Assistants
  • The computing environment will be set up on a project-by-project basis, based on project needs

Regional students can enjoy: 

  •  Hands-on Lab exercises
  • Remote access to virtual labs
  • Basic to Advanced cybersecurity configurations
  • Student Association Access to labs
  • Undergraduate and Graduate research assistant access
  • And more…

The Coastal Virginia Node, COVA SHARE computing environment, will support a wide range of CCI research and instructional needs in Southeastern Virginia and across the Commonwealth

cci academic
CCI Research Environment Diagrams - kubernetes





COVA CCI is supported by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative and funded through the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Contact: covacci@odu.edu