The Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation supports a research ecosystem in line with the CCI vision and goals. The COVA CCI Cyber Physical Systems Security (CPSS) research ecosystem is built within a framework including a critical mass of nationally recognized CPSS researchers, state-of-the-art CPSS research infrastructures, and strong and vivid academic, industry, military and government partnerships. COVA CCI supports diverse and inclusive CPSS research efforts, with a focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems in the maritime, defense, and transportation sectors. COVA CCI is supporting several research programs and initiatives to support this vision.


Cybersecurity Research:

COVA CCI provides funding to faculty from the COVA CCI partner institutions to support research projects focused on the intersection of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems in maritime, defense, and transportation sectors. Requests for proposals are sent out annually in support of these research projects.


COVA CCI is investing funds to establish a collaborative research computing environment to support growing cybersecurity programs, academic and research collaboration opportunities, and industry partnerships among Node member schools. Guided by the researchers in the Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation, the computing center and network investment will support the CoVA Node and enable communication to the Hub and other Nodes. The environment will lay a foundation to support 5G testbed data collection, secure storage and transfer between connected Node members and to the CCI Hub for analysis and other collaboration. It will provide access to a flexibly designed computing environment via connectivity improvements between ODU and William & Mary, and between ODU and Norfolk State University for potential collaborative efforts involving secure transfer of data between schools or secure remote access to physical or virtual hosts. Researchers and faculty can request access to COVA SHARE through this request form.

request for proposals:

COVA CCI will release RFPs throughout the year for research and other activities. Visit the RFP page to view the current a previous RFPs.

Research Scientists:

COVA CCI will work with partner institutions to hire research scientists who will support the research priorities of COVA CCI and CCI. These scientists are available to assist in research projects and support industry partners.


COVA CCI is supported by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative and funded through the Commonwealth of Virginia.