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The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative provides funding for multiple cybersecurity research and innovation project.

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Addressing Cybersecurity Compliance Challenges to Technology Adoption for the Maritime Industry (C3TAP-M) RFP COVACCI-23.01

COVA CCI RFP for C3TAP-M  Download


Virginia’s Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) aims to create a Commonwealth-wide ecosystem of innovation excellence in cyber-physical systems (CPS) with an emphasis on trust and security. Certified as a node of CCI, the Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation (CoVA) seeks to:

      Conduct fundamental research that will lead to breakthroughs in CPS security (CPSS), contributing to the CCI mission of establishing Virginia as a global leader in secure CPS and in the digital economy,

      Foster and accelerate commercialization of CPSS innovation in order to grow and diversify the Virginia cyber economy, and

       Expand and diversify the cybersecurity talent pipeline through investments in research capabilities and commercialization efforts.

I. Objective

The Cybersecurity Compliance Challenges to Technology Adoption for the Maritime Industry (C3TAP-M) opportunity addresses the barriers to technology adoption in the maritime industry due to or related to cybersecurity compliance issues. Projects funded by C3TAP-M will develop a product or concept that overcome or mitigate cybersecurity impediments to the adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing, 5G connectivity, and machine learning, by the shipbuilding and repair industry. C3TAP-M supports and aligns with the cutting-edge research led by COVA CCI in addressing real-world cybersecurity needs of the transportation and maritime sectors and advances the digital transformation of the regional maritime industry.

Examples of possible proposals include (but are specifically not limited to) the following concerns identified through the COVA CCI funded Cybersecurity Barriers to Technology Adoption Project:

1.        Advancing the adoption of newer technologies such as AI, 5G, and Cloud Computing by the shipbuilding industry under the constraints of the DoD-mandated Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).  

2.      Partnering with a regional shipbuilding firm and/or its suppliers, identify a specific technology of interest and the required components. In relation to existing systems, map those requirements to the NIST controls/CMMC compliance requirements and all approved suppliers.

3.      Creation of a cyber-roadmap or handbook for maritime supplies/components which demonstrates and provides a repeatable and scalable process model for compliance with CMMC regulations.

4.     Qualifying the risk associated with non-compliance of CMMC requirements by suppliers of a major shipbuilding or ship repair firm. Identifying a sample of critical components to ship construction and/or repair, assess the related suppliers to determine current level of CMMC compliance and the potential risk to the supply chain.

II. Eligibility

COVA CCI business partners, formal regional organizations, faculty members, researchers, and university administrators may submit proposals. Students initiated proposals must be led by a faculty member affiliated with a COVA CCI academic institution. All proposals must include participation by a maritime industry partner (ie., a member of the shipbuilding, ship repair, or ship modernization industry cluster located in Southeastern Virginia).  

III. Awards

The maximum amount of funding per project is $100,000. Submissions for funding greater than $100,000 will be rejected without review. Up to five total projects will be considered. Initial proposal reviews will begin on November 1, 2022. Two to three projects are expected to be awarded during CY 2022 with remaining projects selected during the first quarter of CY 2023. Proposals may be submitted until five projects have been selected. All projects must be completed within a 12-month period of performance beginning with award.

IV. Award Conditions

Selected applicant(s) are expected to participate fully in COVA CCI activities including providing materials needed for reports, participation in COVA CCI meetings, and responding to data collection requests by COVA CCI. All publications and presentations resulting from the grant should acknowledge support from Coastal Virginia Center for Cyber Innovation (COVA), Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI).

V. Proposal Format

Proposal must use 1-inch margins, 11-point font or larger and single line spacing.

 1. Title Page (one page)

Use the provided Title Page which included name of RFP, Project Title, Project Abstract (no more than 250 words), total budget amount, and name, institution and contact information of PI and Co-PIs.

 2. Proposed Project (up to 4 pages unless otherwise specified)

·         Description of the project. Objectives, methodology, milestones, and timeline. Identify if different tracks are available for consideration.

·         Discussion of alignment of the project with CCI and COVA CCI objectives. If applicable, provide information on the commercialization plan and how it advances the field of study.

·         Measures of success. What are the key performance indicators and how will success be measured and tracked?

·         Other areas of consideration. The RFP can provide other specific guidance as needed to define the scope of project.

3. Budget (up to 4 pages)

Use the provided Budget Summary Worksheet to capture overall project budget. Provide a budget justification. Participation at CCI and COVA CCI events is expected; travel costs to support project team attendance at CCI Events may be included in the budget.

 4. Biographies.

Include biographies of PI, Co-PI and other key project personnel. Up to 2 pages each using the NSF format.

 5. Letters of Commitment/Support (not counted in total page count).

If applicable, provide letters of commitment/support.

VI. Schedule

      Request for Proposal Released: September 15, 2022

      Q&A period ends: October 14, 2022

      Proposals due: Beginning November 1, 2022 and continuing until five projects are awarded

      Award Notification: As selected

      Period of Performance: 12 months beginning with project award

VII. Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted via email to not later than the close of business on date specified above in section VI. Schedule. Late submissions will not be considered. Proposals must be submitted as a single PDF file.

VIII. Evaluation Criteria

 A committee of individuals, selected for their experience, will review each proposal and make funding recommendations to the COVA CCI Executive Director.

 Evaluation Criteria include:

·         Alignment with COVA CCI goals and objectives.

·         Includes COVA CCI partner institution and a member of the regional shipbuilding, ship repair, or ship modernization industry.

·         Intellectual Merit. Advances knowledge and understanding within the field of cybersecurity compliance as it relates to digital transformation of maritime industry.

·         Broader Impacts. Benefits the Commonwealth, CCI, or COVA CCI outcomes, including improvements in diversity and inclusive representation.

·         Commercialization. Results in viable product or concept that leads to commercialization through pursuit of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants.

·         Responsiveness to maritime industry priorities and business needs, including advancement of cybersecurity compliance, technology adoption, and mitigation of supply chain risk.

·         Project objectives and goals are clearly laid out and achievable, includes a project timeline and project deliverables, and describes required budget and resources.

IX. Questions and Point of Contact

Questions related to this project should be sent to John Costanzo via email ( A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is provided. 

Closed RFPs

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COVA CCI is supported by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative and funded through the Commonwealth of Virginia.