SHARE stands for Shared Academic and Research Environments, and that is the driving principle behind the COVA SHARE environment —
Collaborative access of participating schools and business partners.

Doug Streit gives an overview and explains the benefits of the shared computing environment, CoVA SHARE
The COVA SHARE environment is broken into two Components:
  • A Virtual Instructional Lab

The instructional lab is intended for self-service provisioning of simple to complex lab configurations. It features:

  • Instructor Driven Blueprints
  • Built on the Nutanix virtualization platform
  • For Single and multi-host labs
  • Persistent Semester-based labs
  • Class and Student-based segregation within the lab
  • ODU and Member Guest Access
  • And CRN-based student access
  • A Virtual Research Lab
  • A Virtual Research Lab

The Research Lab is designed on an OpenStack platform:

  • On a High Performance Computing cluster
  • With access to GPU Computational Nodes
  • CEPH Storage for Block, Object or File Storage
  • It features a User-Friendly Horizon Web interface
  • It is a protected environment (Confidential, Non-regulated), with access provided to ODU, Member Guest Researchers, and Research Assistants
  • The computing environment will be set up on a project-by-project basis, based on project needs
  • Regional students can enjoy:
  •  Hands-on Lab exercises
  • Remote access to virtual labs
  • Basic to Advanced cybersecurity configurations
  • Student Association Access to labs
  • Undergraduate and Graduate research assistant access
  • And more…

The Coastal Virginia Node, COVA SHARE computing environment, will support a wide range of CCI research and instructional needs in Southeastern Virginia and across the Commonwealth.



Q: What is COVA SHARE?

A: COVA SHARE stands for Coastal Virginia Shared Academic and Research Environment.

Q: Can the COVA Share be used for research involving regulated data (HIPAA, CUI, Export Controlled)?

A: COVA Share is designed for confidential non-regulated data at this time, and should not be used for research involving regulated data without obtaining consultation in advance.

Q: What if I want to set up a lab for instructional use?

A: COVA Share includes an instructional lab for basic through advanced lab configurations.

Q: How can I get consultation on a project we are proposing?

A: Please contact us at

Q: What qualifies a project for COVA CCI?

A: Information on qualifying projects for CCI can be found here:

Q: How do I request access to the COVA CCI environments?

A: In order to request access to the COVA CCI research environment, please fill out the form located here
The Academic environment is currently in the design phase and will be available soon.

Q: How can I request access for my project collaborators?

A: Please follow the instructions here under the section “Request a longer term guest account” to create guest accounts for project collaborators.

Q. How do I request additional resources for my Research project?

A. Please contact the COVA CCI support team at to request resources.

Q. How do I request technical support or consultation with a project?

A. Please contact us at

Q. What account do I use as the PI / Co-PI to login to the environment?

A. PI’s and Co-Pi’s will use their ODU Midas account to login to the environment 

Q. What resources are available in the environment?

A. The COVA Share research environment provides compute, GPU and storage resources for CCI projects. GPUs are provided using GPU passthrough to virtual instances.
The allocation varies depending on the needs of the project. 

Q. How do I access my project instances?

A. Onboarding documentation is located in the CCI wiki:

Q. How do I make a feature enhancement request?

A. Please send feature ideas to  

Q: What if I want to set up a lab for instructional use?

A: COVA Share includes an instructional lab for basic through advanced lab configurationsPlease submit a project using the project submission form located here:
We will contact you regarding project architecture and next steps.