Spring 2024 Innovate Cyber


The all-in-one E.mail M.aintenance M.moitoring A.ssitant. EMMA is an AI assistant that is trained in finding AI-generated content in the form of phishing emails.

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Cyber Spyder. 

Cyber Spyder aims to reduce the risk of cyber attacks caused by human errors and educate users on best cybersecurity practices. The software is equipped with cutting-edge technology that accurately detects threats such as phishing scams and offers prompt feedback on how to respond. With Cyber Spyder, users can enjoy a safer online experience, knowing that they are always protected from potential cyber threats. 

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Secure and Reliable Encryption Solutions.

EncryptX provides reliable encryption solutions including a VPN service and a cybersecurity learning app. Use our services to protect your data and ensure your privacy.

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Cyber Chunks

Your Bite-Sized Online Security Guide.

Cyber Chunks are fun, educational monthly cyber hygiene booklets made especially for individuals who have an online presence but are not tech-savvy. Each booklet teaches readers about a specific aspect, or “chunk” of cybersecurity, such as Phishing, Password Management, Social Media Safety, etc. You can sign yourself or a loved one up (such as parent) through a simple and secure online portal. Every Chunk makes its topic as approachable as possible by using simple language, analogies, visuals, and real-life examples.

Cyber Chunks can also directly help readers improve their cyber hygiene by including information about emerging threats, practical tips, tutorials, and interactive self-assessment.

For readers who are comfortable using them, Chunks will include occasional QR codes linking to explanatory videos hosted on the Cyber Chunks website. 

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“Protecting your Digital World, One Byte at a Time”

Secure Brain is dedicated to developing AI software that provides timely notifications, preventing the unintentional disclosure of sensitive information. We aim to empower individuals and organizations to navigate the digital landscape securely.

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Virtual Vigilance

Navigating Cyber Threats through Scenario-Based Social Engineering Training.

We designed our website to be a hub that demonstrates different scenarios revolving around social engineering, how to recognize it, and how to resolve issues it may cause.

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CyberScape is an interactive experience  set in the cyber world for K-12 students. It features an innovative, adventurous, yet educational simulation that introduces the younger audience to cybersecurity awareness and motivation to dive deeper into the field.

This simulation encourages students to interact with the cyber world by rewarding in-game currency upon completion of stages. In-game currency can be redeemed for cosmetic upgrades.

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Your personal Cybersecurity coach. Fortify your mind.

Fortify is an educational app providing mini cybersecurity lessons catered to those who are not in the IT or cybersecurity field. Our goal is for you–the user–to feel empowered to learn and practice cybersecurity even in the midst of your busy life. When you’re on the bus, waiting in line, or getting ready for bed, just whip out Fortify and take one of our free lessons to build your understanding of cybersecurity principles.

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Your Gateway to Cybersecurity Resilience.

The Obol Cyber Key will allow our current and future clients to store passwords and other account information through a third-party device rather than using a computer. The purpose of the Obol Cyber Key is to create a more safe method to saving personal information on a physical device which decreases the risk of cyber attacks from anonymous hacking groups.

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COVA CCI is supported by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative and funded through the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Contact: covacci@odu.edu