Cyber Policy Training and Competion

Course Abstract: International Cyber Policy Training and Competition will provide a cyber policy competition and a training package composed of five modules. The target audience for the training will be freshmen in colleges and it can be expanded to high school students. This project will provide a framework which can be used by highereducation institutions to organize cyber policy competition with accompanying training package for the intended audience. The project is aligned with COVA CCI strategic goals related togrowing cybersecurity talent and building a collaborative network. The project aims to improve collaboration between educational institutions by bringing students together in an interdisciplinary competition environment. Following an introductory module in cybersecurity, the students will be trained on topics like international law, foreign policy and decision making with their relevance to an international cyber crisis. This training will be finalized with a capstone competition where students can implement the knowledge and skills gained during the training. This project provides an opportunity for students to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of cybersecurity and has the potential to attract more students to the cybersecurity programs across the Commonwealth. There will be 5 modules and each module will have components ofa lecture on the specific course content, discussion topics, group projects. A sample scenario, evaluation rubric for the scenario and a frameworkfor the organization of a cyber policy competition will also be provided.The structure of the competition and the training package will be presented to therepresentativesfrom higher education via webinar sessions.

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