Tran Viet Xuan Phuong

Title: Research Scientist
Institution: Old Dominion University
Node affiliation: Coastal Virginia
Tran Phuong
Research area:

Tran Viet Xuan Phuong’s main research interests include applied cryptography, blockchain security, and IoT cybersecurity


Tran Viet Xuan Phuong is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the School of Cybersecurity, University of Old Dominion University, USA. Before that, she was a Research Fellow at IC^2, School of Computing and Information Technology, University of Wollongong, and a Contributed Fellow at CSIRO – Data61. During Spring 2017 – Summer 2018, Tran was a Postdoc Researcher at Old Dominion University, USA. She has published in the top tier of cryptography/security conferences and journals, including ACM CCS, ESORICS, IEEE INFOCOM, ACM ASIACCS, IEEE TIFS, IEEE TII, etc.


Doctor of Philosophy in Cryptology and Cybersecurity, University of Wollongong, Australia, 2016

Masters of Engineering Science in Information Security, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, 2012

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, University of Science – Vietnam National University, 2010